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Health Improvement

As a result of the therapy the state of the bronchi is restored, breathing becomes easier and the quality of the function of breathing improves.
This leads to the normalization of other bodily systems. Thanks to the stronger immune system sick days will decrease and patients will be more resilient. In the case of patients suffering from asthma and croup symptoms the inflammation causing the spasms of the bronchi will stop, airing of the bronchial tube will be normalized leading to the end of attacks.

The effectiveness of the therapy is directly observable and it is highly recommended by pulmonary and otolaryngology professionals as it has been found that 85 to 95% of children became symptomless after 3 therapy sessions, while adults have noted that after 10-12 months there is significant improvement of their symptoms and were also able to reduce their regular medication by 65-75%. The treatment definitely improved their quality of life.

Salt Therapy for Children

Salt Therapy is a 100% drug free treatment with no artificial element. It is clinically proven that natural healing methods are a lot more effective with children because they react more intensively than adults do. Clinicians recommend that parents first try natural methods (e.g. Salt Caves) with their children before starting to use medications. The hormone content of medicines causes even more serious and dangerous side-effects in childhood.

Please note that there is no age limit for the Salt Therapy.

playground in The Salt Cave
small patients in a Salt Cave

A playground is also established in The Salt Cave where children can play during the treatment. They are playing and they do not even realize that they are under a treatment.

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